About the Blog

Yes, another UX design blog. Yet this site strives to be much more than just any other run-of-the-mill UX design blog. In fact, most of the posts deal with topics that are seldom discussed elsewhere. They offer a wider view of design as a discipline and profession, reflecting on aims and priorities of this – not yet quite clearly defined – craft and its work processes, foraying into many varied directions, and exploring less obvious links to areas that belong to the general UX design field or touch directly on it.

This blog is based on chapters taken from the popular book A Good Designer Knows It All by Petr Staníček, a.k.a. Pixy, currently only published in Czech (as Dobrý designér to všechno ví). Slowly, however, these will be expanded upon, as well as new articles being added that did not fit in the original book, and would simply not fit into any book format. This is because UX design is an enormous discipline; dynamic, constantly expanding and shifting its shape like an amoeba. Still – it stands on certain solid foundations, certain rules and processes, certain pillars that remain unchanged with time – rules that have held for decades so far, just as they will hold for decades to come. It is precisely these themes that we endeavour to identify and gather here.